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New for 2015-16: Support and Honors Supplements

CCSS IP Support Supplements for Math I, II, and III
Each supplement is a complete set of instructional strategies to support struggling students. These resources may be used for Support, Special Education or ELL classes, in Math Labs or RTI programs. Learn more

CCSS IP Honors Supplement for Math I, II, and III
This supplement addresses the 37 CCSS (+) standards that will prepare students for advanced math courses. They may be used along with core Math I, II, or III materials in honors or accelerated courses, with students requiring additional challenge, or as part of a Math IV course. Learn more


Problem-Based Tasks

To facilitate the transition to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, Walch has developed collections of problem-solving tasks that target the new content and help develop the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice.

These tasks will engage your students with real-world scenarios and help infuse your Math program with a problem-based approach to the knowledge and skills required by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and address the NCTM Principles to Actions Mathematics Teaching Practices.

Teacher resources and student workbooks are available now for Math I, II, and III. We are working with our state partners to develop Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II Problem-Based Tasks for the 2015-2016 school year. Please call for more information.

The Walch Approach

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