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Walch Education works with Utah educators to develop course materials and supplemental resources for middle and high school students that align with the Utah Core Standards.

At the state and district level, educators are finding that Walch’s resources are 100% aligned to the Utah Core Standards adopted by the Utah Board of Education in 2010. Math I alignment study    Math II alignment study   Math III alignment study

Walch is responding to specific requests for customizations so that Utah’s teachers and students can obtain the instructional materials they need for learning success.

19 of 21 high schools in Alpine ISD, among others, have selected Walch for its secondary math program.

As we continue to work with the Utah districts and the University of Utah (MMAISE), we will add information and new resources to this list below. Other Common Core resources that may be helpful in your classroom are outlined on our Common Core page.

For Secondary Math 1, 2, and 3

CCSS IP: Math I, CCSS IP: Math II and CCSS IP: Math III are complete sets of materials developed around the Common Core State Standards; the CCSS Integrated Pathway curriculum map in Appendix A, and the Mathematics I and II course descriptions.