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The Power Basics curriculum provides content in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and school-to-career.

Each Power Basics book is organized into manageable instructional units that build mastery in the core curriculum areas, and can be used sequentially and class-wide, or on an “as needed” supplemental basis. Each student text is accompanied by a consumable student workbook for reinforcement, extension, and activities for the multiple intelligences. A consumable practice pack provides additional opportunities to practice each concept taught in the student text—a key to mastery.

The teacher’s guide offers unit overviews, additional activity and project suggestions, graphic organizers, multiple intelligence activities, and tips for reaching all students in a differentiated classroom. The accompanying test pack includes a pretest, a comprehensive test for each unit, and a post-test for final assessment. Each test pack also contains teacher support, and offers specific strategies for standardized test-taking.

  • The Classroom Kit includes one copy all of the following reproducible materials in a binder: Student Text, Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, Student Workbook Answer Key, and a Test Pack.

  • The Classroom Set includes the following: 10 Student Texts, 1 Teacher's Guide, 10 Student Workbooks, 1 Student Workbook Answer Key, and 1 Reproducible Test Pack.

  • Power Basic Singles is appropriate for homeschoolers. It contains 1 Student Text, 1 Teacher's Guide, 1 Student Workbook, 1 Student Workbook Answer Key, and a Test Pack.

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