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November 2015 Instructional Materials Caravan
Walch presents their newly adopted Integrated Math I, II, and III programs during the Oregon Instructional Materials Caravan.

The Oregon Board of Education adopts Walch's Ingtegrated Math I, II, III programs.
The resources receive an exemplary rating from review commitees.

Walch Integrated Math Announces High School Support and Honors Resources
These supplements meet the needs of both struggling learners and students who need to be challenged.


Walch is commited to supporting Oregon school districts as they implement new math instructional materials for high school students. Our programs are built from the ground up to align 100% to the CCSS Integrated Pathway curriculum and to employ the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP). View alignment study.

CCSS IP: Math I, CCSS IP: Math II and CCSS IP: Math III are complete sets of materials developed around the Common Core State Standards; the CCSS Integrated Pathway curriculum map in Appendix A, and the Mathematics I and II course descriptions.