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Walch is working with New York educators to develop high school math resources that will engage students with the rigorous content and problem solving in the New York State Common Core Learning Standards. (CCLS)

Walch has developed collections of problem solving tasks set in meaningful real-world scenarios that target NYS CCLS content and practices. These Problem-Based Tasks will strengthen any high school math program by infusing it with a problem-based approach to the knowledge and skills required by the CCLS.

New York State CCLS Problem-Based Tasks for Algebra I
New York State CCLS Problem-Based Tasks for Geometry
New York State CCLSProblem-Based Tasks for Algebra II

Both Teacher Resources and Student Workbooks are available for the 2015-2016 school year. Request Samples

Each task can be completed during a class period, in as little as 30-45 minutes. In that short time, the rich content and problem solving involves students and inspires important mathematical discourse.

The PBTs provide opportunities to apply knowledge, refine conceptual understanding, and build fluency.

Teachers can easily guide students to make connections to key concepts and the relevant Standards of Mathematical Practice, sparking productive classroom discussion.