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Four New High School Math Resources Developed for Georgia
November 2010 Walch Education, a leading publisher of educational materials, is pleased to announce four new high school mathematics programs, completing its suite of Georgia high school math resources. Walch’s materials, developed hand-in-hand with Georgia educators, have been built from the ground up to align with Georgia Performance Standards, Learning Tasks, and course descriptions.
"Our materials are developed to support consistent, coherent instruction that targets Georgia’s Framework and Learning Tasks. They are designed to meet the needs of students across the spectrum and for user-friendly implementation” notes Walch Education’s Vice President of Education, Jill Rosenblum.
The new programs include:
  • Math 1
  • Accelerated Math 1
  • Math 3 Support: GHSGT Review
  • Math 4
Math 1, Accelerated Math 1, and Math 4 include Teacher Resource Binders, Student Textbooks and Student Workbooks. Math 3 Support GHSGT Review is delivered as a student book containing a comprehensive set of materials for review and practice, and a packet of guidance and suggestion for teachers.
Walch’s seven other Georgia High School math resources provide a consistent, complete and perfectly aligned suite of purpose-built mathematics support:
Together with Walch’s middle school math materials, Walch Education’s Georgia programs are being used in more than 100 schools with over 25,000 middle and high school students across the state.
Our approach is distinctive in that we focus very specifically on the needs of a state and its educators” said Walch’s President, Al Noyes, adding; “We have been working with Georgia curriculum leaders for about five years now, and have benefited greatly from their insights and our singular focus. These products are not only more effective than the “one size fits all” alternatives, they are less expensive. We’re gratified by the support we have earned from educators across the state and look forward to continuing to help Georgia’s teachers and students succeed.”
For more information about these programs or tailoring materials to meet your school district's needs, please email Andrea Newman at: anewman@walch.com