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Walch announces the Florida Credit Program - Generous allowance for authoring and editing adopted Florida courses
“Let Walch be your virtual curriculum department!”

Florida Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry

Walch has deveopled Florida Algebra 1, Florida Geometry, and Florida Algebra 2 programs for the 2018 Florida Math Adoption. Please contact us at 1 (800) 341-6094 or CustomerService@walch.com for more information and samples of these resources.

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Financial Algebra for Florida

Walch is pleased to offer Financial Algebra for Florida, developed in partnership with Pinellas County Schools. The program includes both teacher and student resources and is 100% aligned to the Florida Financial Algebra Learning Map and addresses the Standards of Mathematical Practices.

Each Financial Algebra lesson is focused around a Problem-Based Task that is supported by a toolkit of instructional resources, student practice, online resources and assessments.

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Teacher Resources (Printed and Online)

  • Warm-Ups (in written and PowerPoint format)
  • Introduction and Key Concepts
  • Interactive Geogebra Applets
  • 3-5 Guided Practice Examples
  • Problem-Based Tasks/coaching questions
  • Online Resources (links to OERs)
  • Station Activities
  • Module and Semester Assessments
Student Workbook (Printed and Online)
  • Essential questions
  • Words-to-Know
  • Online Resources (and links to OERs)
  • Student Warm-Up pages
  • Scaffolded Practice
  • Problem-Based Task
  • 2 Sets of Practice Problems

WalchConnect Online Access

WalchConnect provides online access for all Walch resources through our LMS or yours. Resources include teacher and student course content, assessments, quizzes, and practice worksheets.

We support Canvas, Schoolgy, and other systems or can provide Walch’s own user-friendly LMS solution. WalchConnect also links to our GeoGebra applets, Khan Academy, IXL, YouTube videos, and other OER.

Contact us at 1 (800) 341-6094 or CustomerService@walch.com to view our Florida math resources online!