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What's Next? A Simulation of Adult Life Stages

What's Next? A Simulation of Adult Life Stages
When your students leave high school, What's Next? This heralded new book assists students transitioning into adulthood, as they model four distinct stages:
  1. You Are Done with High School
  2. Living on Your Own
  3. You Are Married
  4. You Have a Family
Authored by high school special education teachers who have taught transition curriculum for more than ten years, What's Next? is perfect for any life skills or consumer mathematics curriculum, or any program that supports emerging adults.  As your students play the game, they'll receive "paychecks" for completed activities.  Progressing through the simulation, they'll learn how to pay bills, balance their accounts, and plan for future responsibilities.
Each of the four simulated stages easily fits into a quarter of the school year (approximately 40 class sessions).  The activities within each stage of life take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.
What's Next? correlates to the national standards for No Child Left Behind, and addresses federal special education laws for Individual Education Plans requiring transition to be considered for students at the age of 14 and met for students at the age of 16.
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Grade Level 6 - 12
Pages 188
Format Description Reproducible Teacher Book
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