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Walch Integrated Math Announces High School Support and Honors Resources

PORTLAND, ME (March, 10, 2015) – Walch Integrated Math announced today that it is expanding its popular Common Core Integrated Math I, II, and III programs with the release of new Support and Honors Supplements. The new resources will be available beginning with the 2015–2016 school year and will include complete instructional materials and student workbooks.

“Our district partners have told us they want more resources to meet the needs of both struggling learners and students who need to be challenged, and we have responded,” says Jill Rosenblum, Vice President of Education for Walch Integrated Math. “We are continuously expanding our toolkit so that teachers are fully equipped to meet the needs of all of their students.”

The Support Supplements address the prerequisite skills necessary for success in Math I, II, or III and recommend instructional strategies to support struggling students. They provide side-by-side resources to coordinate with core course materials and can be used in Support, Special Education, or ELL classes; in Math Labs or RTI programs; or for individuals or groups requiring additional support.

The new Honors Supplement addresses the additional mathematics that students should learn in order to take advanced courses such as calculus, advanced statistics, or discrete mathematics as indicated by (+) in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The supplement is organized into nine honors topics and may be used along with core Math I, II, or III materials in honors or accelerated courses, with individuals or groups of students requiring additional challenge, or as part of a Math IV or precalculus course.

About Walch Integrated Math

Walch Integrated Math is a leading developer and publisher of mathematics resources and implementation services for Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III. Walch works with districts across the United States, including thousands of teachers and more than 50,000 high school students as they transition to the Common Core State Standards. Walch’s authentic print, digital, and online solutions are adapted to fit the expressed needs of each state and district partner so that teachers have everything they need at hand, both in the classroom and to extend and enhance student learning beyond. For more information, visit walch.com.