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Walch High School Math Enhances Online Resources with Desmos Graphing and Manipulatives

PORTLAND, ME (January 25, 2018) — Walch High School Math, the leading provider of comprehensive, authentically aligned high school mathematics courses for core and supplemental instruction, today announced that it has partnered with Desmos to integrate its graphing solutions and online manipulatives with Walch’s digital worksheets, assessments and item banks.

Desmos’ elegant, industry leading functionality, used by teachers worldwide, will now be available to help students learn, review and explore mathematical concepts in the context of Walch’s respected high school mathematics resources. Importantly, the contextual use of these Desmos tools will strengthen students’ conceptual understanding and lead to improved outcomes.

“We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish due to our focus on “purpose-built” curriculum” says Al Noyes, President of Walch High School Math. “Desmos’ tools, and their seamless integration with our content and resources, will give teachers a truly powerful and adaptable set of capabilities to address the needs of and opportunities with all learners.”

“We are delighted that Walch has chosen Desmos. Several of Walch’s senior executives had prior experience with Desmos in their own high school Mathematics classrooms, and they were quick to see the power of this integration. We look forward to working together with Walch and the company’s district partners to help improve the quality of mathematics instruction across the country and around the world,” says Eli Luberoff, CEO and founder of Desmos.

About Walch:

Walch High School Math is a leading developer and publisher of mathematics resources, assessments and implementation services for Middle and High School students. Walch is working with districts across the United States and worldwide, including thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of high school students, as they transition to new Standards and Instructional Practices. Walch’s proven solutions are adapted to fit the expressed needs of each state and district partner so that teachers have everything they need at hand, both in the classroom and to extend and enhance student learning beyond. Walch’s team develops and delivers authentic and affordable products for online, digital and print applications in whatever configuration and on whatever platform is most appropriate for each district partner.

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