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Walch High School Math Announces New Algebra I Programs

PORTLAND, ME (March 11, 2016) – Walch High School Math announced today publication of CCSS Traditional Pathway Algebra I, employing the same, supportive problem-based instructional design used in its popular CCSS Integrated Pathway Math I, II, and III programs.

The new Algebra I resources are available in two versions. Algebra I Essentials provides complete online course materials (via our learning management system WalchConnect or yours), and student practice packs, for a very affordable $12 per student per year. Comprehensive Algebra I includes in addition print and/or online teacher resources with PPTs, hundreds of purpose built geogebra applets, complete student workbooks, student resource books, and online assessments with modern, interactive item types for $25/student/year.

“We heard from districts who appreciated our instructional approach but needed Traditional Pathway programs.” says Jill Rosenblum, Vice President of Education for Walch High School Math. “We’re developing Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II to provide those teachers with a robust, flexible toolkit of materials to teach the CCSS Traditional Pathway. We include links to curated online resources so teachers can make use of OER without having to spend time finding and evaluating them.”

The CCSS TP Algebra I programs are complete sets of purpose-built, flexible, problem-based instructional resources, 100% aligned to the CCSS Appendix A for the traditional pathway and infused with the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP).

Walch provides this program comparison of their Algebra I Essentials and Algebra I Comprehensive components and features.

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