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Walch Education Announces Availability of Math 1 Credit Recovery Course Resources for Instructure’s Canvas

PORTLAND, ME (June 28, 2017) —Walch Education recently announced the availability of complete remedial instructional materials for students who have struggled with Math 1. Built into Canvas, the course is divided into four individual terms, each broken into 8 modules, which can be used selectively or in their entirety for independent, teacher-supervised instruction and grading.

“We often work with school districts who struggle to find resources aligned to their state’s standards that address key topics in high school mathematics,” said Pam Loveridge, Walch’s High School Mathematics Director. “This online credit recovery course was purpose-built for CCSS Math I and gives teachers an important tool for helping struggling students.”

Addressing the most critical standards Math I students confront, the course includes video tutorials on each topic, around 10-15 minutes each, a practice quiz with each tutorial, at least two interactive assignments per module, and four end-of-term assessments. All quizzes, assignments, and assessments, may be retaken multiple times, at the discretion of the district. The course is completely computer scored, so there is no need for a facilitator to spend valuable time on grading, however, the facilitator has the option to see all submitted answers, approve all scores, adjust scores if needed, and leave feedback. School districts will be able to assign individual terms, or specific modules, as needed.

“We chose to start with Canvas since our piloting school district, Canyons, has adopted the platform” said Al Noyes, Walch’s President. “As this course and other similar ones Walch has in development start to roll out, we will migrate them to other platforms so that we can serve a broader range of customers/partners.”

Walch Education’s High School Math resources have been tailored, adapted and aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics, the Georgia Standards of Excellence, the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics, the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics, and the Common Core State Standards (both SBAC and PARCC). Additionally, Walch works with partner districts to further build and adapt high school math curriculum around specific strategies and objectives. In almost all cases, Walch follows a flexible and supportive problem-based design, with various and extensive instructional and assessment components.

For more information, visit walch.com or send an e-mail to customerservice@walch.com.

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