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Walch Education Announces Availability of Florida Financial Algebra Course Materials

PORTLAND, ME (June 19, 2017) — Walch Education recently announced the availability of comprehensive instructional materials for Florida’s Financial Algebra. The course is intended for students who have taken Algebra 1 and Geometry but who may not be ready for Algebra 2, and it supports rigorous mathematics instruction in the context of topics such as automobile ownership, consumer credit, the stock market and taxes.

“We often work with school districts who struggle to find resources aligned to their state’s standards, and whose teachers are frustrated with incomplete or substandard resources,” said Al Noyes, Walch’s President. “The Florida Financial Algebra course is a super opportunity for us to provide aligned, high-quality instructional resources and give teachers the support they need to maximize their effectiveness.” While the lessons cover a wide range of real-life topics, the Florida Financial Algebra course also presents and reinforces key algebraic concepts and covers all of the mathematics, financial literacy and social studies standards specified by the Florida Department of Education.

“It’s exciting to be the one to provide Florida schools with the only authentic, high-quality product built for the Florida Standards and written by Florida educators,” said Jean Correll, Walch’s Solutions Director. “We wanted to take the burden of creating the materials for this newly approved and important course off the Florida districts. We partnered with Polk and Pinellas counties to build a program that would have the relevance and rigor crucial to student success. We did the work so school districts don’t have to.”

Walch Education’s High School Math resources have been tailored, adapted and aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Mathematics, the Georgia Standards of Excellence, the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics, the West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics, and the Common Core State Standards (both SBAC and PARCC). Additionally, Walch works with partner districts to further build and adapt high school math curriculum around specific strategies and objectives. In almost all cases, Walch follows a flexible and supportive problem-based design, with various and extensive instructional and assessment components.

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