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Walch Appoints Dr. Jennifer Curtis to Board of Directors

PORTLAND, ME (June 14, 2019) — Walch Mathematics, the leader in providing tailored curriculum resources to districts and the developer of the ground breaking Curriculum Engine, has appointed Dr. Jennifer Curtis, the President and Founder of Emerald Education, to its Board of Directors. Dr. Curtis will join current board members George Hogan, Ellie Baker, Conall Ryan, and Walch’s CEO Al Noyes in ushering the company through this next period of growth.

“Dr. Curtis is a no-nonsense visionary in the field of math education,” said Al Noyes, “and her experiences in the classroom and as a state mathematics leader will help inform Walch’s product development and priorities. Moreover, she has been involved in the ‘open educational resources’ movement from inception, and our ability to embrace and extend OER is a critical part of what will make the Curriculum Engine successful.”

“I have known of Walch for a number of years now and have been impressed with its focus on high quality, tailored resources. The potential for Walch’s innovative Curriculum Engine is vast,” Curtis emphasized, “as it is the first platform that can actually provide districts and teachers with tools and content to greatly improve their ability to edit and build their own curriculum, something that I expect will be welcomed with enthusiasm!”

In addition to consulting with school districts and supporting their professional development efforts, Curtis is a noted author, most recently of Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations, which she co-authored with a team from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

About Emerald Education

Emerald Education provides school and district leader development; leadership consulting and strategic planning for schools, school districts, and state agencies; and professional development and coaching for teachers and principals across the country. Emerald Education’s leadership team brings together more than 110 years of collective leadership experience to provide customized solutions to help educational leaders and teachers improve their practice and embrace innovation to benefit students.

About Walch Mathematics

Walch is a leading developer and publisher of tailored high school math curriculum. Adapted to fit the needs of each state and district partner, Walch’s proven solutions give teachers everything they need to extend and enhance student learning. The company’s new Curriculum Engine is leading the way in the new category of “Curriculum as a Service” offerings, helping teachers teach more effectively so that students can succeed. For more information, please visit www.walch.com or call 207-772-2846.