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Walch Announces Three New Appointments to Its Board of Directors

PORTLAND, ME (March 4, 2019) — Walch Mathematics, the leading provider of tailored Mathematics resources for teachers and students, announced today that it has appointed Eleanor Baker, former managing partner of Baker, Newman and Noyes, George Hogan, former GM and Global CIO of WEX International (NYSE WEX) and Conall Ryan, former Muzzy Lane CEO and Houghton Mifflin EVP, to its newly formed Board of Directors. They join Al Noyes, the company’s CEO and President, as the company continues to leverage content and technology to empower teachers.

“Ellie, George and Conall have diverse, complementary experiences and have added value from the moment we began discussions about Walch’s future direction” said Al Noyes Walch’s CEO and President. “As we launch the Curriculum Engine, empowering teachers and reinventing the educational publishing market, their backgrounds and insights will contribute greatly to our success”.

About Walch Mathematics

Walch is a leading developer and publisher of mathematics resources, assessments and implementation services for Middle and High School students. Walch is working with districts across the United States and worldwide, including thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of high school students, as they transition to new Standards and Instructional Practices. Walch’s proven solutions are adapted to fit the expressed needs of each state and district partner so that teachers have everything they need at hand, both in the classroom and to extend and enhance student learning beyond. Walch’s innovative Curriculum Engine is leading the way in a new category of “Curriculum as a Service” offerings, helping teachers teach more effectively so that students can succeed.

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