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Utah USOE Adopts Walch's Integrated Pathway

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Utah State Office of Education Adopts Walch Education Integrated Pathway

Leading Education Developer’s Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I & II Programs
Recommended on State’s Approved List of Instructional Materials


PORTLAND, Maine (January 28, 2014) – The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) recently announced the adoption of Walch Education’s CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics II program materials. The recommendation came after the USOE’s completion of its Fall 2013 Instructional Materials Review. The materials have been chosen for primary instruction in the Alpine and Canyons school districts, as well as other districts in Utah.

Walch Education’s Common Core mathematics materials for the Integrated Pathway were created using the Utah Curriculum Guides in concert with the Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices as specified by the USOE, and with direct input from teachers and curriculum leaders. These materials provide Utah educators with the resources they need to implement standards-based learning in their classrooms and to prepare their students for upcoming state assessments.

The USOE first recommended Walch’s CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I materials in July 2013, and teachers began using them during the 2013-2014 school year. Alpine School District, Utah’s largest, is home to two of the top five best high schools – Timpanogos and Mountain View – in the state (U.S. News & World Report). Both of these high schools, and 19 of the district’s 21 high schools overall, have adopted Walch’s Integrated Math materials.

“Utah is a recognized leader in the implementation of the new mathematics content standards and instructional practices. They understand that a coherent, organized adoption of the Common Core and the Integrated Pathway approach to mathematics education is the best way to maintain the state’s competitive advantage in math and science, and prepare their students for 21st century careers,” explains Al Noyes, President of Walch Education. “A common misconception about the Common Core is that it is ‘one size fits all.’ Our implementations in Alpine and Canyons, two leading school districts who happen to be neighbors, demonstrate otherwise.”

“We chose Walch Education because of their unique ability to tailor their resources to our local needs,” said Allison Duncan, Canyons’ Secondary Math Team Lead. “Our standards and resources have been modified for our own instructional sequences and approach, and with Walch we are able to build on our vision and prior work and maintain continuity.”

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