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Walch Education Unveils Station Activities for Common Core

On the leading edge of move to CC-based instructional materials



Contact: Al Noyes, 800-558-2846


PORTLAND, Me. (July 18, 2011) – As states and school districts around the country gear up for the implementation of Common Core standards by 2014-15, Walch Education has announced a new series of Common Core-specific resources for school districts and teachers.


In Station Activities for Common Core Standards students have the opportunity to apply algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability concepts, employ problem-solving strategies, communicate with one another, and reason through to solutions while working collaboratively. The first three products in the new Station Activities series focus on Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.


"Our partners and friends around the country are eager to find Common Core materials   that they can implement confidently,” said Al Noyes, president of Walch. “Despite all the confusion about when and how each state will implement the Common Core Standards, the educators we work with want to get started. These products are the first of a number we will release that can be confidently and readily integrated in to ongoing classroom activities"


The series builds on Walch’s success with previous Station Activities materials, all of which are based on clear evidence that students make sense of mathematical problems best when they work in small groups, with hands-on experiences that echo real-world situations.


Like many educational  publishers, Walch is moving quickly to develop text books, work books, activities, lesson plans, and digital materials that teach to the Common Core standards. Because of its history of working closely with school districts to custom build tailored materials, Walch was able to quickly respond to the new standards and develop the materials.


We believe that 2011-2012 will be an opportunity for teachers to begin implementation of CC gradually, as policymakers and district leaders work out details of full implementation.  Thus, now's the time to release some easily-intergrated supplements.


Noyes sees customized versions of the Station Activities and similar materials as the next logical step, a way to bridge from previous state standards to the new Common Core. In fact, schools in four counties in Maryland already hired Walch to develop supplemental materials to expose teachers and students to the coming Common Core standards.


“Even as the standards become the same in most states, the teaching approaches, the curriculum choices, and the assessment formats will vary,” Noyes said. “We believe that 2011-12 will be an opportunity for teachers to begin implementation of the Common Core gradually, as policy-makers and district leaders work out details of full implementation. Now is the time to release some easily-integrated supplements. Walch’s experience in developing materials that are deeply aligned to state and local standards and curricula uniquely positions us to assist in this transition.”


Jill Rosenblum, Walch Education’s vice president of education, explained that, more so than in previous state standards, Common Core is both about what students need to know and how they should learn it. The new materials give both students and teachers exposure to new ways of teaching and learning.


“Station-based activities give students multiple opportunities to develop their understanding of the important mathematics described in the Common Core Standards and they reflect the instructional practices recommended by the Common Core Standards Initiative,” Rosenblum said. “Having students actively engaged in problem-solving, modeling, and reasoning, gives teachers the chance to circulate, do informal assessments, and provide individual or small group instruction as needed.”


The Station Activity materials include teacher support with discussion guides (prompts to encourage reflection and synthesis of ideas, suggested appropriate responses, and a listing of common errors and misconceptions identified in current research), answer keys, and material lists. They also reflect the Common Core expectations which go beyond the content itself – skills such as understanding and solving problems, abstract reasoning, precision, and making use of structure.


The first three Station Activities for Common Core Standards are already available for school districts, individual teachers and home school students online at www.walch.com and at special pricing for districts.


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Walch Education develops and produces purpose-built instructional materials and applications for teachers and school districts. Walch works directly with school districts to create resources that are deeply aligned to the standards, local and state curricula, and districts’ requirements, and acts as a virtual extension of the districts’ curriculum departments to deliver tailored materials that aren’t available from traditional textbook publishers. Materials are delivered as printed text and work books, online, on CD, and now for the iPad and iTouch, as well as iTunesU. For more about Walch Education, visit
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