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Speed Reading for Better Grades

Speed Reading for Better Grades

As students develop better reading skills, they can more easily comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize material.  Speed Reading for Better Grades prepares students for success by bolstering their reading and test-taking skills.  In many cases, better reading skills help to improve performance in class, at home, and on the job.

Real-life materials such as editorials, letters, and primary sources from the core subject areas form the heart of the content.  Activities can be done individually, in small groups, or as an entire class.

Sample topics include: 

  • Common reading faults
  • Eye movements
  • Read in thought units
  • Skimming for details
  • Study-reading and memory

Reproducible activity sheets include timed reading selections followed by interpretation, perception, and comprehension exercises. 

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Grade Level 7 - 9
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