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Power Basics Singles: Chemistry

Power Basics Singles: Chemistry
  • Introduces the periodic table and explains its importance
  • Covers all areas of chemistry, including matter and measurement, atoms, molecules, and types of chemical reactions
  • Motivates students to learn and follow the scientific method
  • Meets National Science Education Standards
  • Helps students prepare for standardized testing

Power Basics Singles: Chemistry includes one each of the following:
Student Text
Student Text Teacher's Guide
Student Workbook with Answer Key
Test Pack
    SKU 061215 -906
    ISBN 0-8251-6121-5
    ISBN13 978-0-8251-6121-6
    Grade Level 6 - 12
    Format Description Package: Student Activity Text Book, Student Activity Text Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook with Answer Key, & Reproducible Teacher Test Pack
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