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Power Basics: Basic English, Classroom Set

Power Basics: Basic English, Classroom Set
Accessible and low-cost, the Power Basics® “alternative” curricula provide core content for middle school and high school level learners. Designed for flexible implementation, each unit can be taught sequentially and class-wide or on an “as needed” basis.

  • Explains the parts of speech and the job of each word in a sentence
  • Improves comprehension and writing skills through sentence analysis
  • Helps students recognize and use correct grammar
  • Presents grammar in easy-to-follow, manageable units
  • Boosts skills in the mechanics of writing

The Student Text focuses on one concept at a time; illustrates lessons with concrete models and examples; and provides ample practice to achieve proficiency and mastery.

    The Teacher’s Guide provides an overview of each unit; extension activities; a glossary; record-keeping forms; and graphic organizers for instruction.

    The Student Workbook is designed to extend and enrich the Student Text with a variety of critical-thinking challenges, practice activities, cooperative learning opportunities, and more.

    Test Packs offer a pretest, unit tests, a posttest, scoring keys, and test-taking strategies.

        Classroom set contains: 10 Student books, 1 Student book Teacher's guide, 10 Student workbooks, 1 Workbook answer key, and 1 Test pack

        For individual title purchases see:
        Student Text
        Student Text (10 pack)
        Teacher's Guide
        Student Workbook
        Test Pack


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        Grade Level 6 - 12
        Format Description Package: 10-Student Activity Texts, Student Book Teacher's Guide, 10-Student Workbooks, Answer Key, & Test Pack
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