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Oregon BOE Adopts Walch's Integrated Math Programs

Walch High School Math’s Common Core Integrated Math I, II, and III Programs Adopted by Oregon Board of Education

Teachers welcome comprehensive, flexible and research-based materials that help all students succeed.

PORTLAND, ME (November 9, 2015) – The Oregon State Board of Education has adopted Walch High School Math’s CCSS Integrated Math I, II, and III programs after a full review by the instructional materials evaluation committee.

Walch’s Integrated Math resources are aligned to the CCSS Integrated Pathway curriculum map, and utilize the eight Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards. “Oregon teachers welcome our comprehensive and flexible resources, which are research-based and are developed with direct input from teachers,” said Rebecca Johnson, District Solutions Manager for Walch.

Leading school districts from California to Georgia have adopted Walch’s CCSS Integrated Math programs and are successfully implementing them in their classrooms with tens of thousands of students. Walch offers teachers a full “toolkit” of resources including online assessments that reflect national and state assessments, mutiple practice worksheets, an Honors supplement, and a full Support program to address the needs of struggling learners.

“Our ‘Teachers First’ approach means that we provide teachers with everything they need for student success,” said Al Noyes, Walch’s President. “We feel this is why districts using our programs are seeing the improvements in test scores that they were hoping for.”

About Walch High School Math

Walch High School Math is a leading developer and publisher of mathematics resources and implementation services for Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III. Walch works with districts across the United States, including thousands of teachers and over 50,000 high school students as they transition to the Common Core State Standards. Walch solutions are adapted to fit the expressed needs of each state and district partner so that teachers have everything they need at hand, both in the classroom and to extend and enhance student learning beyond. Walch’s team develops and delivers authentic and affordable products for online, digital, and print applications in whatever configuration is most appropriate for each district partner. For more information, visit walch.com.