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North Carolina Foundations of Algebra

North Carolina Foundations of Algebra

Students aren't always ready for algebra. For North Carolina 8th graders who score a 1 on the EOC, and who need extra help, there’s Foundations of Algebra.

Designed, written, and piloted with North Carolina educators, Foundations of Algebra is a semester-long or full-year course that gives students not just the procedures but the understanding of algebra. The program follows a structured path leading students from:

  • Concrete experiences, to
  • Reasoning and sense-making discussions, to
  • Communication and symbolic representation.

The program comes packaged in an easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt 3-ring binder.  It also contains a CD-ROM containing the entire program on a searchable PDF.  Structure the program as a one-semester course (90 days of instruction, 90 minutes per day) or as a full-year class. Foundations of Algebra has six units:

  • Unit 1: Different Forms of Numbers
  • Unit 2: Everything Based on Tens
  • Unit 3: Working with Integers
  • Unit 4: Simplifying Numerical Expressions
  • Unit 5: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions and Solving Equations
  • Unit 6: Linear Relationships
Each unit includes an overview, objectives, Words to Know, day-by-day summaries, materials lists, career connections, unit projects, review of prior learning, and assessments. 

Each day includes direct instruction, guided and independent practice, homework, and hands-on activities.

What makes Foundations of Algebra so valuable?

  • It's closely aligned with the North Carolina Mathematics Standard Course of Study. 
  • It cross references activities from the Marilyn Burns Fraction Kit and Henry Borenson's Hands-On Equations®.
  • Its activities were piloted in Wake County, as part of the NCDPI SIPII Math Grant.

Also see the companion product, North Carolina - Introduction to High School Math.

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