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Math Recommended by Utah BOE

Walch Education’s Integrated Math I Program Recommended by Utah Board of Education
Walch’s unique math programs are purpose-built to align with state and Common Core standards, and cover 100% of the content outlined in the CCSS curriculum map

PORTLAND, ME (July 12, 2013) – Walch Education’s CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I program has been recommended by the Utah Board of Education for use as primary instruction for Mathematics I.

The Spring 2013 Instructional Materials Review found that 100% of the content from the Common Core State Standards Integrated Pathway curriculum map is covered in Walch’s Math I Teacher Resource.

The Math I course focuses on problem-based learning, following the research on effective mathematics instruction. Teacher materials include warm-up activities, station activities, assessments, and optional components such as digital instruction and online assessments. Comprehensive student books provide learners with valuable test preparation and additional practice. Options for remediation and enrichment are included in the program to address a wide range of students’ needs.

Walch’s Integrated Math I resources support a variety of teaching styles, from direct instruction to rich, problem-based tasks. The depth and breadth of available content (student workbooks have over 1,000 examples and problems) allow for ample flexibility, remediation, and enrichment.

Walch has recently released the CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics II program, and Math III will be available in early 2014.

Alpine School District, Utah’s largest district, has standardized on Walch’s materials, with 19 of 21 high schools choosing Walch’s Math II program. Derek Elison, Alpine’s TSA for Math 7–12, said, “We were impressed by Walch’s alignment with our standards, the program’s flexible, comprehensive design, and the fact that it provides support for teachers, students, and parents. The company’s ability to support our unique needs and incorporate our feedback has been impressive.”

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