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Lesson Launcher Series

Lesson Launcher Series

We've taken some of our most popular Language Arts titles and re-packaged and re-designed them --

-- and made them highly affordable85 Lesson Launchers is a 13-book series priced at $11.00 each -- and only $112.00 for the entire series!

Each title includes 85 quick and fun activities for whenever you have spare minutes and extra time to learn. Use 85 Lesson Launchers at the start of a class, or at the end, or simply for in-between time. Each title also includes a complete answer key.

85 Lesson launchers are easy to use: just photocopy the day's activity and distribute it.  Or go the green way, and make a transparency you can use year after year! Either way, your students will love 85 Lesson Launchers...a great way to launch learning!

The full series has 13 titles:

Only $11.00 each, or just $112.00 for the entire 13-title series!

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ISBN 0-8251-6444-3
ISBN13 978-0-8251-6444-6
Grade Level 6 - 12
Format Description Package: 13-Reproducible Teacher Books
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