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Just Imagine! Library Set

Just Imagine! Library Set
  • Engages all students with easy-to-read, high-interest stories
  • Builds reading comprehension, critical-thinking, and vocabulary skills

    Set includes one each:
    Crimebusters, Super Sleuths, Vanished!, Unlikely Heroes, Young Heroes, Courages Creatures, Legendary Creatures, Bizarre Creatures, Creepy Creatures, Amazing Creatures, Unexplained Events, Mysterious Places, History's Mysteries, Scary Tales, Urban Legends, Escape!, Survivors, Close Calls, Nature's Wrath, and Disasters

Teacher's Guides available separately
Compelling Characters
Creature Feature
Date with Disaster
Stranger than Fiction
SKU 051422 -906
ISBN 0-8251-5142-2
ISBN13 978-0-8251-5142-2
Grade Level 6 - 12
Format Description Package: 20-Student Books
Our price: $96.00