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Hands-On Science: Forensics

Hands-On Science: Forensics

Our newest addition to the acclaimed Hands-On Science series turns your students into criminal investigators. Like the characters in popular TV shows, they’ll conduct experiments to determine exactly who did what—and how.

Working from crime scenarios, your students will use chemical, biological, photographic, and other means to study the evidence and draw logical conclusions. Sample topics from the 20 activities include:

  • Blood Pattern Analysis
  • Glass Fracture Patterns
  • Photographing a Crime Scene
  • Searching Through Garbage
  • Microscopic Fibers
  • Summary: Missing Person --Your Teacher!

Each activity serves as a complete introductory program to forensic science, a replacement unit, or an enrichment experience. Each activity also includes teacher notes, materials lists, and assessments. Hands-On Science Forensics addresses National Science Education Standards.

In a new review, the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)says:  "Hands-On Science: Forensics offers teachers a wealth of activities that are aligned with NSES content standards...Hands-On Science: Forensics provides teachers with a total package for implementing forensic lessons that are relevant and engrossing for students."

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