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Glorious Glue! Art with Adhesives

Glorious Glue! Art with Adhesives

There's nothing quite like glue, and there's nothing quite like Glorious Glue! Art with Adhesives.

Glorious Glue! is an art teacher's love song to the many ways in which white glue and other adhesives can be used to create striking art work.  The author treats adhesives as a serious -- but enjoyable and versatile -- art medium.  Activities show how to incorporate shape, form, texture, and color into the finished art.

Many of the projects combine glue with chalk, markers, paints, and other media.  Techniques include printmaking, collage, batik, and sculpting with string and wax.  There's even a chapter on making clay, fun putty, and other homemade "sticky stuff."  The chapter titles say it all:

  • Catch the Sun, Feed the Birds
  • Black Glue? A Winner with Watercolors
  • Tip-Top Tissue and Crepe Paper, Too
  • Marvelous Masks
  • String Things and Yarn Art

...and much more.  All of the activities in Glorious Glue! call for low-cost, environmentally safe materials.  This book is ideal for art classes, at-home projects, or kids of any age.

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Grade Level 6 - 12
Pages 92
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