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Georgia Accelerated Mathematics 2 Teacher Resource Binder

Georgia Accelerated Mathematics 2 Teacher Resource Binder

What makes Accelerated Mathematics 2 unique? Developed in partnership with leading Georgia districts, it contains more than 150 hours of lessons, a full year of instruction. Each instructional unit is built around Georgia Performance Standards and Frameworks. Accelerated Mathematics 2 was specifically designed to support Accelerated Math 2 Learning Tasks.

The advantages of Accelerated Mathematics 2:  Your students will have selected content allowing them to complete Math 2 -- plus they'll be effectively taking one semester of Math 3 content, all while still in 10th grade. Accelerated Math 2 ensures that they'll be prepared to take higher level mathematics during their high school careers.

The Teacher Resource Binder contains more than 1,100 fully reproducible pages with:

  • Warm-ups
  • Engagement activities
  • Coaching prompts
  • Graphic organizers
  • Essential questions
  • Goals and vocabulary
  • Direct instruction
  • Guided practice
  • Station Activities for small-group, hands-on work

How does Accelerated Mathematics 2 link to technology? The program includes a searchable CD-ROM containing all of the lessons and activities in the Teacher Resource Binder. You'll also find graphic calculator activities for TI-Nspire , with step-by-step instructions. Accelerated Mathematics 2 also suggests strategies and activities for employing interactive whiteboards.

What about assessments? Throughout the curriculum, you'll find assessments that align to standards and GHSGT item types and formats. Using this program, you'll be able to accurately gauge and bolster student progress.

Accelerated Mathematics 2 is easy to customize for specific classrooms or students. To learn more about implementing Accelerated Mathematics 2 in your district or school, please contact anewman@walch.com

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