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Georgia Math 2 Version 2.0 Released

January 2011 Walch Education is delighted to announce the release of version 2.0 of their popular Georgia Math 2 Program. Georgia Math 2 now includes a new lesson, "Inverses of Functions", with 5 sub-lessons that will help teachers guide students through the discovery and application of inverses. This lesson was developed in response to the Georgia Department of Education's release of Math 2 Unit 5 Framework which included the new Learning Task: "Please Tell Me in Dollar and Cents."
"Our prompt response to the Georgia Department of Education's latest requirements is another example of Walch Education's commitment to providing our district partners with the most current and aligned materials in the industry. We're the first company to respond to the Math 2 Unit 5 Framework's new requirements, and intend to continue meeting our district partners' needs," said Al Noyes, President. "We believe that this responsiveness and focus has helped us become the leading Math program in Georgia's High Schools today."
To support educators that previously purchased the Math 2 program, Jill Rosenblum Vice President of Education, states: "We've already mailed all of our Math 2 Customers free copies of the new Lesson to insert in their Teacher Resource Binders, Student Resource Books, and Student Work Books, ensuring that they now have the latest and most complete materials."
For more information about the update or to order the newly revised GA Math 2 Program, please contact Andrea Newman at 404-543-2478 or email: anewman@walch.com