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Daily Warm-Ups: Algebra for TEKS - Digital Download

Daily Warm-Ups: Algebra for TEKS - Digital Download
Quick lessons that reinforce TEKS content

The first few minutes of each class period are critical, as they set the tone for the entire lesson. Set your class on the right path with these warm-up problems, prompts, and brain benders.

  • Each book is packed with more than 100 ten-minute activities directly addressing TEKS standards
  • Builds problem-solving skills and strengthens understanding
  • Great for starting class or making a transition

Daily Warm-Ups: Algebra, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills is organized into three parts based on the Algebra I mathematics standards and expectations from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

The standards include the following strands:

  • Foundations for Functions
  • Linear Functions
  • Quadratic and Other Nonlinear Functions

Several warm-ups can be classified under more than one standard and several expectations within each standard. For ease of use, the warm-ups have been categorized under the standard that best represents the goal of the problem.

As a teacher, you can pick and choose the warm-ups you need each day based on your lesson plan. Therefore, the order in which you use the problems is at your discretion. These warm-ups are a springboard to an engaging learning environment that will guarantee future success for your students.

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