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Coordinate Algebra Program Recommended

Walch Education’s CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Program Recommended by the Georgia Board of Education
Innovative materials use algebraic thinking and analysis to solve real-world engineering problems

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PORTLAND, Me. (November 8, 2011) – After a rigorous review process designed to ensure materials “of the highest quality,” Walch Education’s Common Core Georgia Performance Standards Coordinate Algebra program has been added to the State Recommended List of instructional materials for K–12 Mathematics. The CCGPS Coordinate Algebra program is a complete set of materials for ninth-grade Coordinate Algebra, which replaces the Georgia Performance Standards Math 1 course now that the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards are in place. Walch’s CCGPS Coordinate Algebra program was developed directly from the CCGPS, with guidance and feedback from Georgia educators.

Walch Education’s CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Program RecommendedWalch Education develops custom materials that are tightly aligned with state standards for both content and practices. After reviewing Walch’s CCGPS Coordinate Algebra program, a Rockdale County, Georgia, educator described the materials as “by far the best performance-based learning curriculum that I’ve seen. Every other company has just slapped Common Core labels on old materials, but Walch’s is actually aligned to CCGPS.”

Walch has also created two exciting program enhancements that may be bundled with the Coordinate Algebra course. The first is a series of Digital Warm-Ups that include short, entertaining video clips to engage students as they enter the classroom. The second is a set of Digital Instruction PowerPoints that include selected examples from each sub-lesson, enhanced with interactive GeoGebra applets. Other optional program components include a Student Resource Book and Online Assessments that cut down grading time and provide immediate feedback to students.

The CCGPS Coordinate Algebra program is offered in both print and digital formats and can be purchased as a complete set, or as individual units and components to meet district needs and budgets. Since Georgia school districts are transitioning to the CCGPS with limited funds, many are already taking advantage of Walch’s flexible ordering options and are ordering individual pieces of the new program as resources become available.

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