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CCSS Traditional Pathway Geometry Teacher Resource

CCSS Traditional Pathway Geometry Teacher Resource
The CCSS Traditional Pathway Geometry Teacher Resource is a complete set of materials for Geometry, developed directly from the Common Core State Standards and the CCSS Appendix A Traditional Pathway Geometry Course Design.

The Teacher Resource includes all of the materials necessary to teach the course including reproducible student worksheets and all of the resources listed below. The resources are delivered in print/digital or all digital format.

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View the content map for a complete overview of the course, units, lessons, sub-lessons, and standards.

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Each unit includes:

  • Unit Assessment
  • Station Activities

Each lesson includes:

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Standards
  • Essential Questions
  • Words to Know
  • Recommended Resources
  • Progress Assessment

Each sub-lesson includes:

  • Standard(s)
  • Warm-Up
  • Warm-Up Debrief and Connections to the Lesson
  • Identified Prerequisite Skills
  • Introduction
  • Key Concepts
  • Common Errors/Misconceptions
  • Guided Practice
  • Problem-Based Task
  • Problem-Based Task Coaching Questions
  • Problem-Based Task Coaching Question Sample Responses
  • Closure Activity
  • Practice

Digital Warm-Ups

  • Warm-Up problem for each sub-lesson
  • Presented in PowerPoint for easy projection
  • Includes brief video clips to engage students as they enter class
  • Provides debrief notes

Digital Instruction

  • For each sub-lesson
  • Introduction and Key Concepts
  • Presented in Powerpoint for easy projection
  • Two guided practice examples illustrated with an applet (interactive visual) to illuminate the concept
Grade Level 10
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