Our CCSS IP: Math 1 program is a complete set of course materials for Math 1. The program provides multiple access points to the same standard, focuses on problem-based learning, and includes a variety of instructional components. The course design has benefited from direct input from educators and the materials provide extensive support and scaffolding for teaching and learning.

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Georgia educators - View the CCGPS Coordinate Algebra program here.

The Content

CCSS IP: Math 1 was developed directly from the Common Core State Standards and the CCSS Appendix A Integrated Pathway Math 1 Course Design.

Unit 1: Relationships Between Quantities
Unit 2: Linear and Exponential Relationships
Unit 3: Reasoning with Equations
Unit 4: Descriptive Statistics
Unit 5: Congruence, Proof and Constructions
Unit 6: Connecting Algebra and Geometry Through

The Content Map provides a complete overview of the course, units, lessons, sub-lessons, and standards.

The Components

The Enhanced Teacher Resource – Includes the CCSS IP: Math 1 Teacher Resource, Digital Warm-Up PowerPoints, and Digital Instruction PowerPoints. $695.00

Teacher Resource – The CCSS IP: Math 1 TRB has all of the materials to teach the course, including assessments, station activities and much more. $495.00

Student Resource Book – The CCSS IP: Math 1 SRB is a resource available for students and their parents to use as a reference (at home or in school) when completing assignments and preparing for tests. $50.00

Online Assessments – In addition to pencil and paper forms included in the TRB, Pre-Assessments, Progress Assessments and Unit Assessments are available online, saving teacher grading time and providing immediate feedback to students. $35.00/student/year

Digital Warm-Ups – These brief introductory activities include video clips to enhance student engagement. $100.00

Digital Instruction – Instruction for each sub-lesson, including key concepts and guided practice. Each example is illustrated with an interactive applet. $300.00