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CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I

CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics 1The CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I program is a complete set of materials built from the ground up to align 100% to the CCSS Integrated Pathway curriculum and to employ the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP).

This course empowers teachers by equipping them with a robust collection of high quality, flexible materials for successfully teaching Integrated Pathway Math I to all types of learners.

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Teacher Resource

The Teacher Resource contains all of the materials needed to teach the course, including reproducible student pages, Digital Warm-Up PowerPoints, and Digital Instruction PowerPoints.

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Student Workbook

The consumable Student Workbook provides everything necessary for students to participate in class. This includes all of the worksheets from the Teacher Resource (Warm-Ups, Problem-Based Tasks, Practice Sets, Station Activities), additional scaffolded practice, formulas, glossary, notes pages and graph paper, eliminating the need for a separate class notebook.

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Student Resource Book

The hard cover Student Resource Book supports and extends learning beyond the classroom. It is a valuable resource for homework, practice, review, and keeping parents informed.

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WalchConnect Online Portal

WalchConnect provides online access to digital versions of all teacher and student Integrated Math resources and interactive online assessments with items types and navigation that mirror new national and state tests.

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Additional Resources:

CCSS IP Support Supplement for Math I
The Support Supplement is a complete set of instructional resources to support struggling students and may be used to facilitate differentiation in Math I classrooms and for Support, Special Education or ELL classes, in Math Labs or RTI programs.

CCSS Honors Supplement for High School Math
This supplement addresses the 37 CCSS (+) standards that will prepare students for advanced math courses. They may be used along with core Math I, II, or III materials in honors or accelerated courses, with students requiring additional challenge, or as part of a Math IV course.

ExamView Assessment Bank for Math I
A bank of over 500 assessment items enables teachers to generate multiple versions of each pre, progress, and unit assessment, as well as additional practice sets and worksheets