CCSS Descriptive Statistics

CCSS Descriptive Statistics
Common Core State Standards Descriptive Statistics for Algebra I/Mathematics I is aligned to the content and practices of the Common Core State Standards(CCSS) and and may be used when teaching either Algebra 1 or the Math 1 Integrated Pathway.

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Each lesson includes activities that offer opportunities for exploration and investigation. These activities incorporate concept and skill development and guided practice, then move on to the application of new skills and concepts in problem-solving situations.

Included are:

  • Three lessons that address the CCSS for Statistics and Probability: Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data
  • Essential Questions for each instructional topic
  • Vocabulary
  • Instruction and Guided Practice
  • Problem-Based Tasks and Coaching questions
  • Step-by-step graphing calculator instructions for the TI-Nspire and the TI-83/84
  • Station Activities to promote collaborative learning and problem-solving skills
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