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CCGPS Transition Tasks, Grade 6

CCGPS Transition Tasks, Grade 6

Use these engaging problem-solving tasks to help transition your mathematics program to the knowledge and skills required by the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for Mathematics.

The tasks support students in developing and using the Mathematical Practices that are a fundamental part of the CCGPS. We developed these Transition Tasks at the request of math educators and with advice and feedback from math supervisors and middle-school math teachers.

You can implement these tasks periodically throughout the school year to infuse any math program with the content and skills of the CCGPS. They take 30 to 45 minutes and can be used to replace class work or guided practice during selected class periods.

  • Each Transition Task is set in a meaningful real-world context to engage student interest and reinforce the relevance of mathematics.
  • The Teacher Notes also offer specific strategies for Differentiation, Technology Connections, and Recommended Resources to access online.
  • Each task is tightly aligned to a specific standard from the Grade 6 CCGPS.
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