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Building Math for TEKS: Amazon Mission - Print Version

Building Math for TEKS: Amazon Mission - Print Version
This simulation is uniquely appropriate for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) initiatives. And it’s great fun!

Students will use algebraic thinking, data analysis and the engineering design process to solve problems in real-world settings.

  • In Amazon Mission, students help a native village surmount malaria, and confront the environmental hazards of gold-mining.
  • Students will conduct mathematics investigations including
    • calculating and interpreting the slope of a line
    • graphing a compound inequality
    • producing and analyzing a line graph that relates two variables
    • distinguishing between independent and dependent variables
    • drawing a three-dimensional object and its net
    • finding the surface area of a three-dimensional object
    • writing a compound inequality statement
    • identifying and extending exponential patterns
    • calculating compound probabilities
  • Science investigations include:
    • conducting two controlled experiments
    • collecting experimental data in a table
    • graphing simulation data and describing trends
    • using a computer model
  • Building Math was developed through a partnership with the Boston Museum of Science and Tufts University, and successfully piloted in Boston-area schools.
  • Each book includes a poster illustrating the engineering design process and a DVD with classroom implementation samples.
  • Addresses TEKS standards and ITEA standards for technological literacy
  • Spiral-bound for easy reproducing and classroom use

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