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Author Submissions

Walch Education specializes in supplementary materials for middle school and high school students. We welcome submissions in all core subject areas, from all educators who have ideas that engage learners across the Grade 5 - 12 curriculum.

Helpful Hints

Before you send Walch Education a proposal, research your idea:
  • Does your title fit within our general grade range? Review Walch Education's current product mix. How would your title fit in?
  • Is your idea something useful to educators working in a mainstream setting? What about alternative education settings?
  • Has someone else already published a similar title in the education market?
  • How will your book be unique? What sets it apart from other similar books?
  • How much time can you put into writing this book?
Write us a detailed project proposal. Include the following:
  • An introduction. Who are you? What makes you an expert?
  • Identify your call to action. Why are you writing this book?
  • Identify your target audience for the text, including subject area, teacher skill level, student grade level, and student ability level. Who would need this book?
  • Identify the learning objectives. What educational need is addressed for this publication, including NCLB requirements and national and state standards? Why is there a need for this book?
  • Identify the marketing potential of the book. How large is your target audience? What will prompt teachers to purchase a book such as this? What is the unique selling proposition?
  • A table of contents. How will your book be organized?
  • Provide a sample chapter if you have one written and/or supporting materials you expect to include.
  • A development timeline. When will you complete the first draft?
Format your writing sample as follows:
  • Use Microsoft Word, or save in "plain text" format.
  • Double space your document, and use a standard font such as "Times New Roman", "Arial", or "Helvetica".
  • Number the pages.

The preferred method for submission is to send your proposal and any samples to ideas@walch.com. Be sure to attach your documents to the e-mail in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

You can also mail your proposal to the following address:

Editorial Department
Walch Education
40 Walch Drive
Portland, ME 04103

If you would like your materials returned after the review process, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage.

Please give us several weeks to review the material you've provided. We will contact you when a decision has been made, if we need more information, or if we have suggestions for improving your submission.

Thank you.