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Appreciating Musicals

Appreciating Musicals

...5-6-7-8!  From A Chorus Line to Kiss Me, Kate, from Gilbert and Sullivan to Rodgers and Hammerstein, from Cats! to Oklahoma! and everything in-between, Appreciating Musicals is a unique, easy-to-read resource for high school students studying, Performing in, or simply entranced by Broadway musicals. 

Starting with the form's earliest incarnations in the 19th century, Appreciating Musicals is a methodical, decade-by-decade examination of the hit shows, the great composers and lyricists, the innovations, the favorite songs, and all of the glamour of opening night.  A complete unit on "Musical Making" details what goes into a show's book, score, dancing, and production. 

The informative text includes listening guides, critical reviews, song lists, plot descriptions, and much more.  A perennial favorite with teachers and students alike.   

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Grade Level 9 - 12
Pages 150
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