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Algebra I Options

Walch offers two primary options for CCSS Algebra I: our Algebra I Essentials program and our Algebra I Comprehensive program. Here's a comparison of the two options:

Essentials Comprehensive
$12/student/year* $25/student/year*
Instructional Components
Teacher Resource
Units 5 5
Lessons 34 34
Sublessons and Problem-Based Tasks 80 80
Editable Warm-Up and Instruction PowerPoints N/A 160
Geogebra Applets N/A 160
Pre, Progress and Unit Assessments (paper and pencil) 73 73
Pre, Progress and Unit Online Assessments N/A 112
Consumable Student Workbook
Examples and Problems 800 1,200
Extensive notes pages, formulas, glossary, coodinate planes N/A inc.
Student Resource Book
Examples and Problems N/A 1,040

*30 student minimum

Note: An Examview Assessment Bank with 2795 items is available separately: ExamView Assessment Bank by Strand

Please contact Walch at 1-800-341-6094 or customerservice@walch.com for more information about the Algebra I Essentials program.