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Algebra I Essentials

CCSS Traditional Pathway: Algebra IThe CCSS Traditional Pathway: Algebra I Essentials program is a complete set of purpose-built, flexible, problem-based instructional resources 100% aligned to the CCSS Appendix A for the traditional pathway and infused with the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP). The cost for the Algebra I Essentials teacher and student resources is $12 per student per year*.

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The program is comprised of

  • Complete online teacher resources through WalchConnect**
  • Student Practice Pack (one book per student per year)

Algebra I Essentials employs the same flexible instructional design as Walch's popular high school integrated math program. It contains components that support problem-based learning, instruct and coach as needed, provide practice, and assess students’ skills and understanding. These include:

  • Pre, progress, and unit assessments
  • Standards, essential questions, vocabulary, and recommended resources
  • Warm Ups and debriefs
  • Introduction, key concepts, graphing calculator directions, and guided practice examples for reference or direct instruction
  • Problem-Based Tasks with optional coaching questions
  • Practice sets

More components are available and can be added at any time for a modest additional cost.

  • Online assessments with modern assessment types, scoring, and reporting
  • Station Activities for each unit
  • Expanded Student Workbooks
  • Power Points with video clips and applets
  • Student Resource Books

See also the Algebra I Comprehensive program that includes the additonal components listed above. Here is a comparison of the Algebra Essentials and Algebra Comprehensive programs.

Ordering Information

To order by phone: (800) 341-6094 (8:00am - 4:00pm EST)
To fax a purchase order: (888) 991-5755

* 30 student minimum
** A complete set of printed Teacher Resources is also available for $50 per teacher for teachers using the online resources with a class of at least 30 students.