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CCGPS Advanced Algebra

Advanced Algebra

The CCGPS Advanced Algebra Program is a complete set of materials developed around the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) and the Analytic Geometry Frameworks, Curriculum Map, and Program Overview, including the Updated Frameworks released July 1, 2013.

We offer a variety of formats and purchase options as a result of our extensive work with Georgia educators.

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The program includes:
  • More than 150 hours of lessons, addressing the six units of CCGPS Advanced Algebra
  • Essential Questions for each instructional topic
  • Vocabulary
  • Instruction and Guided Practice
  • Problem-based Tasks and Coaching questions
  • Station activities to promote collaborative learning and problem-solving skills

Complete Teacher Resource

Includes Teacher Resource and student pages, PowerPoint Warm-Ups and Instructional Power Point slides. Available in the following formats:

More Info $695 Set of Teacher Resource Books
More Info $695 Teacher Binders and CDs
More Info $645 CDs with all resources
More Info $645 Download of all resources

Student Workbook

Student pages from the Teacher Resource including the Warm-Ups, Problem-Based Tasks, Practice, and Station Activity worksheets plus scaffolded practice.

More Info $20 Student Workbook with Scaffolded Practice

Student Resource Book

A valuable resource for homework, practice, and review. Available in two formats:

More Info $70 Printed Book
More Info $70 Download