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Adolescent Literacy: Making Inferences

Adolescent Literacy: Making Inferences
Making Inferences helps students in comprehending, analyzing and connecting the ideas behind the words!
Inferences are guesses based on evidence, and the ability to make an inference is often automatic, even subconscious. Making inferences helps students to understand the fairly simple tasks that go into comprehending the hidden meaning behind words and images.
Making Inferences
• Promotes application of making inferences in a variety of contexts
• Focuses on developing an ability to make evidence-based guesses, recalling relevant details, and analyzing text and non-textual clues
• Features 20 lessons organized around core content areas
• Includes activities and instruction that take 20-50 minutes to complete
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ISBN 0-8251-6285-8
ISBN13 978-0-8251-6285-5
Grade Level 6 - 12
Pages 114
Format Description Reproducible Teacher Book
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