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85 Lesson Launchers: Commonly Confused Words

85 Lesson Launchers: Commonly Confused Words

85 Lesson Launchers is a new series focusing on language arts fundamentals. 14 different titles, each targeting a different skill.

85 Lesson Launchers: Commonly Confused Words engages students as they learn to distinguish between similar-sounding-but-essentially different words.  Cent/scent; dessert/desert; idol/idle; weather/whether.  With content from our most popular series, 85 Lesson Launchers: Commonly Confused Words is:

  • Affordably priced at just $11.00!
  • Filled with fun, fast ways to maximize learning time!
  • Easy to use at school or at home!

Do you need to fill in-between time, before a class, after a class, or just during transitions?  Then give your students four-score-and-five ways to think about and practice their understanding of commonly confused words.

Each activity offers pairs (or sometimes triple sets) of commonly confused words, followed be definitions and then brief exercises to test student's understanding. No need for advance preparation, just photocopy the day's activity and distribute it, or make a transparency and project it for everyone to see. Includes a complete answer key.

It's a great book for an exceptional price! And see the complete series, all 14 books for just $121.00!



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Grade Level 6 - 12
Pages 94
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