200 Words You Need to Know Complete Set

200 Words You Need to Know Complete Set

Courthouse.  Toothpaste.  Stranger.  Incinerator.  Warranty.  Sympathetic. 

These are just a few of the 400 words included in the two set series:   200 Words You Need to Know and 200 MORE Words You Need to Know.  Each title is a reproducible teacher resource book with ten pages of exercises for each unit of 20 words -- just the repetition and reinforcement your students need!  Formats include "daffy definitions," fill-in exercises, and hidden word puzzles. 

The set is ideal for individualized study, ESL and LEP classes, adult education, corrections classes, and mainstreamed students in regular English classes.  It addresses real-life topics and engages students with fun, easy-to-use activities.  Most important, it builds skill areas such as reading/decoding, categorizing, and comparing/contrasting words.

Set includes one each of the following:
200 More Words You Need to Know
200 Words You Need to Know

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Grade Level 6 - 9
Format Description Package: 2-Reproducible Teacher Books
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