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200 More Words You Need to Know

200 More Words You Need to Know


Courthouse.  Stranger.  Incinerator.  Sympathetic.  These are just a few of the 200 MORE Words You Need to Know.  A sequel to the acclaimed 200 Words You Need to Know, this title includes 200 words related to topics such as tools and machines, children, computers, and cooking.  This reproducible teacher resource book includes ten pages of exercises for each unit of 20 words -- just the repetition and reinforcement your students need!  Formats include "daffy definitions," fill-in exercises, and hidden word puzzles. 

200 MORE Words You Need to Know is ideal for individualized study, ESL and LEP classes, adult education, corrections classes, and mainstreamed students in regular English classes.  It addresses real-life topics and engages students with fun, easy-to-use activities.  Most important, it builds skill areas such as reading/decoding, categorizing, and comparing/contrasting words.

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ISBN 0-8251-4253-9
ISBN13 978-0-8251-4253-6
Grade Level 6 - 9
Pages 145
Format Description Reproducible Teacher Book
Alternate Formats Digital Download
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