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Media Literacy Series (Set of Nine-RTBs)

Media Literacy Series (Set of Nine-RTBs)

Media pervade our lives. Music, movies, TV, print, the Web, advertising—our environment is a cacophony of media impressions. The Media Literacy series takes a clear-eyed look at each of these disparate media, and examines how they developed, how they operate today, and how they influence us.

Media Literacy helps middle and high school students develop the skills they need to see past the surface to the underlying message and intent of contemporary media. From book to book, the topics cover the gamut of media today:

- Iconic images in movies
- Song lyrics
- How to recognize product placement
- The Abercrombie and Fitch website
- How women are portrayed in advertising

As a series, Media Literacy is a compelling, powerful tool for students living in a world awash in media images. The program is ideal for media courses, or as an adjunct to social studies or ELA curricula.

Media Literacy Series includes one each of the following:
 - Thinking Critically About Video Games and Virtual Worlds
Thinking Critically About Advertising
Thinking Critically About Movies
- Thinking Critically About Music and Media
- Thinking Critically About Television
- Thinking Critically About the Internet
- Thinking Critically About Visual Culture

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