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Walch High School Math Enhances Online Resources with Desmos Graphing and Manipulatives


Walch Education’s High School Math Programs Adopted by West Virginia Board of Education

Walch partner Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools posts strong gains in student achievement with tailored math resources

Walch Announces Release of North Carolina Math 1, 2, and 3 2017 Teacher/Student Resources

Walch Education Announces Availability of Florida Financial Algebra Course Materials

Walch Announces Availability of Math 1 Credit Recovery Course Resources for Instructure’s Canvas

Walch's High School Math Curriculum Improves Learning Experience With Enhanced Navigation Tool

Walch Announces High School Math Programs for Georgia Standards of Excellence


Walch Education Announces the Release of North Carolina Math 1, 2, and 3 Comprehensive Teacher and Student Resources

Walch High School Math Announces New GSE Geometry Program

Walch Announces Support Supplements for Math I and Math II

Walch High School Math Announces New Algebra I Programs

NC Teachers Train for New High School Math Standards to Be Used This Fall

High Schools in Georgia Transitioning to Georgia Standards of Excellence

Utah BOE Recommends Walch's Support, Honors and Problem-Based Tasks

Walch Integrated Math Launches SBAC-type Assessments


Utah USOE Recommends Walch's Integrated Pathway


Walch’s CCGPS Materials Validated by Strong Test Improvements

Walch Education’s Integrated Math I Program Recommended by Utah Board of Education

Walch Education's Common Core State Standards Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I Program is considered completely and precisely aligned to the Common Core State Standards


Walch Education’s CCGPS Coordinate Algebra Program Recommended by the Georgia Board of Education


Walch Aligns Popular Math Series to Common Core Standards" Technology Is Not the Panacea Many Think It Is: The Importance of Teaching and of Supporting Teachers

Walch has developed Texas 5E Science units for grades 5-8 in a PDF format that offer teachers quick digital access and affordability....

Walch Education Unveils Station Activities for Common Core

"Plano Schools Tap into iPad App for End-of-Course Exam Prep"....

Walch Education helps Maryland schools adapt to Common Core math standards

Preparing for excellence in MATHEMATICS" article by Walch Education Vice President Jill Rosenblum recently published in SEEN magazine...read more

Walch Education Expands Texas Investments and Presence; Hires Lylia King as Texas Regional Manager...read more

Walch Education Develops Six New Math Resources for Texas Educators...read more

Georgia Math 2 Program Version 2.0 Released


2010 Year in Review

Get Real, the sequel to the popular What's Next?, is now available.

Walch Education White Paper: "Innovations in Instructional Materials in Georgia

Announcing Four New High School Math Resources for Georgia

New Walch Program Helps to Prepare Students for College - Available on itunes U Spring 2011

Clarke County, Georgia Achieves 12.8% CRCT Gains in Five Weeks

Partnership with North Carolina District: Foundations in Algebra