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Peter Walch Bio

Peter Walch Peter Walch
Former Chairman of the Board

Son of the firm's founder, J. Weston Walch, Peter literally grew up with and in the company. By age 10, he was assembling books; as a teenager, he ran a press on the night shift. After earning a B.A. from Swarthmore and a Ph.D. from Princeton, Peter spent close to 20 years as a teacher of art history at Pomona, Vassar, Yale, and the University of New Mexico, then 15 years as director of the UNM Art Museum, all the while serving on the Board of Walch Education. He returned to Maine in 2001, in part to devote more time to the company. He was an extremely valuable contributor and mentor to the company, both strategically and in its day-to-day operations until his death in 2014. He helped guide Walch’s transition to where the company is today and his spirit remains with us to this day.