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Georgia Math 4

Walch has made the difficult and unfortunate decision to delay the development of its Georgia Math 4 materials until further notice.

As many know, Walch's "difference" is that we develop materials precisely aligned to a state's requirements, and our district customers' needs. Because of that, we don't speculate on what materials and resources are needed; we rely on our district partners to identify where we can make a difference. Product development is expensive, and the more tailored our materials are the narrower the available market. We need to make certain there's a reasonable demand before investing the $ it takes to make quality materials.

In Georgia, we rely upon a number of partner districts with whom we have formed solid relationships over the years to give us guidance and advice. In light of the transition to the Common Core and the decision to allow districts to choose either discrete or integrated mathematics, the evident interest in Math 4 simply evaporated. Of course, we understand that some districts may still intend to offer Math 4 and we wish we could be of more help. For us, the loss of potential business has certainly hurt.

Finally, if your district does have existing pre-calc materials, we would be willing to provide advice/crosswalks to Math 4 expectations as a consulting service for a modest fee. If this is of interest to you, please contact Andrea Newman or Jill Rosenblum.

I should emphasize that our commitment to Georgia is as strong as ever and that we will continue to work hard to understand and deliver what is needed. Unfortunately, in a world of limited resources, we have to make some tough decisions.

Thank you,

Al Noyes